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Street Sounds Edition 01 (1982)

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Street Sounds Edition 01 (1982)  Format: : Vinyl Compilation



1.  Dunn and Bruce Street - Shout for joy (12'' Mix)    5:56

2.  Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five - The Message (12''-Mix)    7:09

3.  Greg Henderson - Dreamin (12'' Mix)    7:26

4.  Inner Life - Moments of my life (Remix)    7:30

5.  Kadenza - Let's stay together    5:09

6.  Northend - Tee's happy (Remix)    6:13

7.  Peech Boys - Don't make me wait (Special Version)    10:28

8.  Raw Silk - Do it to the music (Special Version)    6:33



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