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Steve C

Nice site KadGroove!

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Steve C    0

Hello Kad .. this is Steve .. I follow you on YouTube also .. i happen to see your site link on YouTube. I'm glad it brought me here, you have such good music videos!

It's 11:51pm .. I live in Arizona now, but just across the bridge from Nevada, not far from Las Vegas .. I moved out here from California .. I'm hoping to get some DJ work in a Casino out here.

I'm working on a show .. talk to you soon .. time for bed :D

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kadgroove    0

Hello Steve!

welcome on my forum and I thank you for your presentation, I am French resident in Belgium has 50 km of Brussels! My passion since all its years is the video clip of the years of my teenager, I have 52 years and I am remained block in his years 80/90 S.

later my friend!

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