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I'm an Old Skooler. Started DJ'ing in "82" .. I was taught by a friend that moved to Cali from NY at the very beginning of the Hip Hop era .... actually we didn't even know what Hip Hop was at that time, we just loved the sound, the big beats, scratching and mixing. I'm one of the first scratch mixing DJ's on the West Coast U.S. I made my first record at 15 when I was just a kid, in my bedroom with some other friends, now that record is considered a collectors item with Electro-Hip hop enthusiasts. We made that record to have an instrumental side that I could mix and scratch live to the beat while my rappers, rapped over the beat on stage. We also made it especially to battle the Knights of the Turntables in a battle, our arch rivals in Los Angeles. I went to San Pedro High School in Cali. The same high school Chuckii Booker, Appolonia Kotero and Miguel went too. I don't know ... I just really love DJ'ing and playing all the great Soul, Funk and R&B hits for a crowd. Something about the old school stuff that really makes people happy again, and just a fun time with others dancing, singing and reminiscing again. Now I like to do my own remixes and video remixes. I once told "The Real Roxanne" (the original Puerto Rican one) that I always wanted to marry her, I'm hoping one day I still get that chance! ^0^ Music is a gift from "GOD" ... it's great for the soul so enjoy it!

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